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David works with industry professionals looking to develop their original series projects for pitch, in both visual design or narrative development. David's work has been used in pitches at all of the major animation studios and more, including Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, Splash Entertainment, Frederator, and Wild Brain, among others.


David also teaches university courses in 2D animation, focusing students on story and character development as a foundation, and having each student create their own animated series project through the animation pipeline which culminates in an animated trailer for their story as a final project.

He utilizes Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, "The Hero's Journey," along with Jungian archetypes, established psychoanalytical personality studies such as the Big Five (OCEAN), and modern pop-culture aids like the character alignment chart to help students construct robust and engaging characters and narratives. 

For scripts, send requests through the Contact page.

Some of these properties include:


Writing Samples

Mallory Bash: Film - Opening

Mallory Bash: Film - Mallory Enters the Dark Garden

FRIENDS: The One With The Mussage

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